The Future of Reeder

As most of you probably know by now, Google Reader will be closed on July 1st. What does this mean for Reeder? Unfortunately, it's still too early to have answers to all questions I got the last couple weeks. Probably most importantly, one thing that's clear:
Development of Reeder will continue after July 1st.

So what's the plan?


All three versions of Reeder will get major updates. Unfortunately, these won't be ready for July 1st. Sorry about that.

Reeder for iPhone

The current version of Reeder for iPhone will be free, starting today. Version 3.2 (already submitted) will support the following services as alternatives to Google Reader:

Now you might ask why the iPhone version will get a major update too. Actually, that wasn't planned at first. But I'm really happy with how the new iPad version turns out and want to bring this to the iPhone too.

Reeder for Mac and iPad

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to add other services to the current versions of these apps. It's probably best to use my time to work on the new versions, to get these out as soon as possible. This means that I'll remove the current versions of these apps from the App Store on July 1st, as they only work with Google Reader.

That's all for now. I'll try to keep this page up-to-date. Also, any news will be posted on Twitter.